Why learn Hungarian?

Should I learn Hungarian, or scuba-dive?

Why on earth should I learn Hungarian?

Well, there are different answers to this simple question. People are not the same, and a lot of times your friends’ answer won’t be satisfying enough for you. Every person has to find his/her own quests and challenges. You know, the thing that is so interesting for you, that it keeps you going. It gives you the flow experience. For some people it is fishing (even if you have to wake up early in the morning and stay quiet all day long), for some it is gardening (even if it involves getting dirty), for some it’s scuba-diving (the danger), and for some it is discovering new cultures and languages.

My new hobby: learning Hungarian!

I hope that you are in the last group, and you feel naturally inclined towards learning a new language. If you don’t, if you can’t find any internal motivation for learning, just let it go. External reasons (you are not interested at all, but you need to know the language because of your job, or studies) will not be enough.

Do yourself a favor, and go scuba-diving, or do something you really want to. You can study that, and you can make a living out of that, too. You will be happier, I can assure you.

Should I learn Hungarian, or scuba-dive?

So, the question “why on Earth should I learn Hungarian?” can be reformulated several ways, according to how you feel:

Young woman thinking: Why should I learn Hungarian?

  • How awesome would it be if I spoke Hungarian?
  • How many new friends could I make?
  • I could speak with my extended family back in Hungary.
  • I am intrigued by the Hungarian culture.
  • I could go to places no tourist ever gets to, and be understood.
  • It is said to be one of the hardest languages to learn – it is a real challenge.
  • It is interesting to learn a language that has a different logic than English.
  • I am currently in Hungary, but not everybody speaks English.

Hungarian, the language of the poets

Do you have similar thoughts? Great! Let me show you something: I have just found this video and I think I must share it with you.

These two students think learning Hungarian is the most exciting thing in the world. And because they are feeling this way, it became a truly appealing activity for them.

Owen, who is from Ireland says he wanted to learn an Eastern-European language so he asked for his linguistics professor’s help. He immediately advised him to learn Hungarian because it’s so far away from any other language in Europe, and it is a language of the poets. Owen thinks Hungarian sounds good because of the vowel-harmony.

“Literature and poetry in Hungarian just seem to flow.” – says Sul, from London.

Have Owen and Sul convinced you that Hungarian is a language worth learning? What are you waiting for, start learning right now! You can find many resources on this website.

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