Basic Hungarian Vocabulary: Fruits


Let’s learn about the names of fruits in Hungarian!

We can buy almost anything on the market today. Exotic fruits and vegetables are available all-year-round. If you go to a Hungarian market, you probably wonder, what fruits are truly Hungarian, and which are the imported ones.

I hope this picture helps you sort out what you want to buy next time. Below the picture you will find the names of the fruits pronounced.

Basic Hungarian Vocabulary - Fruits


“apple” pronounced in Hungarian alma – apple “Pear” pronounced in Hungarian körte -pear
Cherry” pronounced in Hungarian cseresznye – cherry “Sour cherry” pronounced in Hungarian meggy – sour cherry
“Peach” pronounced in Hungarian őszibarack – peach “Apricot” pronounced in Hungarian sárgabarack – apricot
“Nectarine” pronounced in Hungarian nektarin – nectarine “Plum” pronounced in Hungarian szilva – plum
“Grapes” pronounced in Hungarian szőlő – grapes “Blackberry” pronounced in Hungarian szeder – blackberry
“Bilberry” pronounced in Hungarian áfonya – bilberry “Strawberry” pronounced in Hungarian eper – strawberry
“Raspberry” pronounced in Hungarian málna – raspberry “Red currant” pronounced in Hungarian piros ribizli – red currant
“Black currant” pronounced in Hungarian fekete ribizli – black currant “Gooseberry” pronounced in Hungarian egres – gooseberry
“Walnut” pronounced in Hungarian dió – walnut “Hazelnut” pronounced in Hungarian mogyoró – hazelnut
“Watermelon” pronounced in Hungarian görögdinnye- watermelon “Honeydew melon” pronounced in Hungarian sárgadinnye – honeydew melon
“Almond” pronounced in Hungarian mandula – almond “Maroon” pronounced in Hungarian szelídgesztenye – maroon

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