Colors in Hungarian


Hi, everyone! How about a free Hungarian language lesson online? Today I’m gonna teach you how to say the colors in Hungarian.

The Hungarian language has its own logic regarding the colors, this is why we use two different words for the same color: red. We use the word piros for objects that are inanimate or unemotive. For example: piros labda (red ball), piros paradicsom (red tomato), piros jelzőlámpa (red traffic lights).

However, we use vörös for animate or emotive objects. For example: vörös haj (red hair), vörös zászló (red flag), vörös róka (red fox), vörös bor (red wine), vörös csillag (red star).

The color of the blood is piros, when it is inside the body, but when spilt, it turns to vörös. It is easier just to memorize these few words that are used with vörös than search for the rule that sometime doesn’t apply.

So, let’s start!

      szín - color
      színek - colors
      piros - red
      vörös - red
      narancssárga - orange
      citromsárga - yellow
      zöld - green
      kék - blue
      lila - purple
      barna - brown
      fekete - black
      szürke - grey
      rózsaszín - pink
      fehér - white