Budapest after the war and today

Understand the Hungarians through their history


You must have heard about the beautiful, scenic capital of Hungary, Budapest. Crossed by the Danube river, it’s one of the most beautiful capital cities in Europe. It’s rich history dates back to the ancient times of the Roman Empire.

Unfortunately the city had been bombed to the ground in the 2nd World War. All the bridges, the old buildings, squares, everything has been wiped off the map. If you visit today’s Budapest, you have no idea how it looked like after the war.

A picture can tell more than a thousand words. I found a video that shows the ruined Budapest and the rebuilt one, shots taken from the same angle. It is truly heartbreaking to see all that devastation war has brought on Europe. After watching the video learn some Hungarian words connected to war and rebuilding the city.

Budapest 1945-2008 from Szemán Ábel on Vimeo.

“war” pronounced in Hungarian war – háború “World War” pronounced in Hungarian World War -világháború
“Second World War” pronounced in Hungarian Second World War – második világháború “bombing” pronounced in Hungarian bombing – bombázás
“Capital City” pronounced in Hungarian capital city – főváros “Danube” pronounced in Hungarian Danube – Duna
“River” pronounced in Hungarian river – folyó “ruin” pronounced in Hungarian ruin – rom
“Soldier” pronounced in Hungarian soldier – katona “death” pronounced in Hungarian death – halál
“fire” pronounced in Hungarian fire – tűz “rebuilding” pronounced in Hungarian rebuilding – újraépítés

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