Learning Hungarian: The best strategies

The best strategies for learning Hungarian

As a language learner, it must have crossed your mind what the best strategy for learning Hungarian was, because you wanted to achieve results in the shortest time possible.

What is the best strategy for learning Hungarian?

Should you learn more in the beginning and then less as you become advanced? Should you study in a classroom setting, with a teacher and a group of students? Should you take one-on-one lessons? Do you really need a teacher?

Hungarian Class

What course materials should you use? Are the free online language courses really good, or are they just a waste of time? Should you learn 2-3 hours straight every day, or should you split your learning time?

Should you come to Hungary, or can you learn in your own country and still become fluent?Should you focus on grammar or on conversation? How can you memorize all that new vocabulary?

The wonder-method for learning Hungarian

A lot of questions can arise when you start to learn Hungarian. For some of those questions, there isn’t a universal answer that fits everybody’s needs. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wonder-method that can teach you native-level Hungarian in just two minutes?

Wonder method for learning HungarianWonder method for learning Hungarian

I think we could call it naivety if you believed such methods can work; even if nowadays all you can hear about are new relaxation, meditation-based practices, that involve alpha, beta, gamma state of the brain.

If you look deep down in your heart, you know it too: there are no wonder-methods. Just as you cannot loose 100 pounds weight in a month, you cannot reach native-like fluency in Hungarian.

I will tell you the big secret that can help you learn Hungarian: it is called effort and time. If you are willing to make an effort (learn new vocabulary, grammar), and sustain this effort over time (practice each day), nothing is going to stop you from becoming fluent.

Learn Hungarian through combining methods

In terms of learning strategies, I don’t recommend sticking to one method. I think that combining two or three methods gives the best results. What methods should you combine? Those that work the best for you.

Combining methods in learning Hungarian

If you are an outgoing kind of person, I would recommend that you go and learn in a group, where you can have a lot of interaction with your classmates. Additionally, you could go to a language-learning club, or join a group online. If speaking is the thing that you enjoy the most, then make your opportunities to speak Hungarian.

If you are someone who is more reserved, then going out with your new Hungarian acquaintances might not be the best strategy to choose. Instead, you could follow a language-course that involves intense learning by your own. You could combine this language course with a lot of reading and listening to podcasts, radio-stations that you like.

If you have an analytical set of mind, you should focus more on grammar. Find yourself a good grammar course, and finish it. It will give you a solid foundation of the language that otherwise would be hard to achieve.

If you are an artistic-type, then learning visual vocabulary, and connecting with Hungarian friends might be your path.

Finding time to learn Hungarian

Find time to learn Hungarian

If you are working, and/or have a family, it might be hard to find time to learn. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t find 2-3 hours for studying each day. You can learn effectively in 5-10 minutes sessions as well, just make sure you spend your idle-time with learning during the day.

You barely woke up and you are drinking your coffee? Best time for opening a language-learning app on your phone, and learning new vocabulary. Are you driving to work? Listen to some Hungarian podcasts or an audio language course. Are you standing in line, waiting for something? Try thinking in Hungarian while you are waiting. It’s evening time and you turn your TV on? Watch a Hungarian movie.

All these 5-10 minutes of learning add up during your day, and you can achieve the same results as if you were learning for hours straight.

What are the best methods that work for you in learning Hungarian? Please, share it with us by adding a comment.

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