Hungarian language lesson: Saying hello and goodbye


When it comes to learning a new language, namely learning Hungarian, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available nowadays. Where should you start? Which book to choose? Which application, video course is the best? Should you choose a teacher? Whom?

Well, what I advise for beginners is to chill out, and start from the beginning. But where is the beginning? – you might ask. If you meet somebody, what is your first reaction, the first thing to do? You say hello, of course. So, let’s start from here, from saying hello.

Unlike English, the Hungarian language differentiates between formal and informal speech. So before greeting someone, you should always decide what kind of relationship you have. Are you meeting in an office environment? Use formal speech. Are you meeting casually, among friends? Use informal speech. Are you in a state institution, speaking with a clerk? Use formal speech. Is the person you greet much older than you? Use formal speech.

This video teaches you the most common informal and formal ways of saying hello and goodbye in Hungarian. Enjoy it!

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